Monday, June 20, 2011

Those with Ears to Hear....

Once again, life imitates Glenn Beck's Socratic Discourse.

Page Six of the NY Post chronicles the hyperreal friendship of Zizek and Lady Gaga...

"Zizek" on Gaga....

Glenn Beck's Guide to Modernism:

Filtered through the distorted lens of evil-genius US talkshow host Glenn Beck, this event will start with a snapshot talk on early 20th century modernisms and their relation to capital, stopover briefly at socialist realism, Zhadanovschina and Brecht and continue as an open discussion on how we represent communist politics today, from the tedious classturbatory kitsch of the British left to uber-hipster Tiqqun, the Greek insurrection and onwards.

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  1. The hyperreal Zizek-Gaga romance gathers together the fashion-display that displays to man, i.e. challenges him forth, to reveal the actual, in the mode of performance, as standing-Beck.